It is link by which we contacted to each other. It is a link by which we can understand to other without talking and without telling any things. It is a connection which once connected then we do all work for a particular person which we never thought that we do so for any person and we do it simply.

             Its a think that make something must to do in our life for the particular person as I have to talk with, I have to see him/her, I have to make him/her laugh or other many actions and we get a special joy after do so. It is a kind of feeling which gives us both joy and sadness, we get joy when see him/her and get sadness when theres a distance between us.

                                             ~ANKIT VERMA

Published by ANKIT VERMA

I believe in love and relationship because that's the thing in our life that give us a motivation to do anything. Otherwise there's nothing to do because there's big blank if someone ask question like for what ? For example you got lot of money and there's no one around you then what you do with that answer is what ? Blank. SO relation is must dose'n matter it's positive or negative but it must.

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