When fall in love..

​When someone is in love with someone, 

he never forgot her for any moment ,

he always talk about her,

 when someone fall in love with someone,

the heartbeat and breathing even sang to his name ,

 there’s only dreams in nights that’s about her

 when someone in love with someone,

everything as talking, meeting  with her seems better,

 when someone fall in love with someone

                                            ~ ANKIT VERMA

Published by ANKIT VERMA

I believe in love and relationship because that's the thing in our life that give us a motivation to do anything. Otherwise there's nothing to do because there's big blank if someone ask question like for what ? For example you got lot of money and there's no one around you then what you do with that answer is what ? Blank. SO relation is must dose'n matter it's positive or negative but it must.

10 thoughts on “When fall in love..

  1. So true, when you fall in love everything seems to be beautiful..so learn to take the best of the other person…never let that love or other individual become your weakness and let him/her be the strength even if they are not around remember the best moments and grow even more stronger.

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