Relationship – The conclusion of life

Mai rahu ya tum raho ya ho aur koi

ye jindagi to bas risto ki kahani hai

janam se maran tak in risto ko nibhani hai

paida hua parivar mila

bada huaa to yaar mila

mai khela mai kuda mai bhaga

school gya to adhayapak mile

aur kuch pyare pyare dost mile

ab jab mai college gya

to rista kuch aur badha

nye guru mie nye yaar mile

aur vhi mil gy mujhe vo

vo thi badi khubsurat

unki mohani surat

unki mastani aankhe

unki makhmal se hoth

mai fida – mai fida ho gya

ek rista to ab nya ho gya

ab ek nya sa eahsas hai

unke sath hone ka maja hi kuch khas hai

Zindagi to in risto ka eahsas hai

kuch mere pas to kuch unke pas hai

ye to riston ko jine ka bisvas hai

zindagi me ye riste hi bs khas hain


Published by ANKIT VERMA

I believe in love and relationship because that's the thing in our life that give us a motivation to do anything. Otherwise there's nothing to do because there's big blank if someone ask question like for what ? For example you got lot of money and there's no one around you then what you do with that answer is what ? Blank. SO relation is must dose'n matter it's positive or negative but it must.

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