Cheating the word of selfishness

What is the cheating. In general, we can say cheating is something that we expect from someone and it doesn’t work. For example I love someone and the person is also and of any reason I realize that the person is not good to me or I can do something better then that is the cheating but I think that is not we can discuss and can ask why ? If have some reason to left then we can . I am sorry I am not talking about married life. Actually it is also applied to married life if the persons who are married isn’t happy with each other then they won’t have to. 

Actually relationship is a emotional attachment so there is many contradictions so I don’t want to go much about that . Here in case of relationship we can find out double meaning of everything that is positive and negative and I don’t want to hurt someone’s feeling so consider other examples.

Suppose if any of your friends call you at his home for party but when you get him there is no party then what do you think?? That the body cheats you but may be there’s some reason that he can’t do so but no it’s cheating. Why? We expect that there’s party we are going to chill together but it doesn’t may be some serious reason that party dismissed. We can ask about that. It may be we can help .

There’s many reasons and many conditions that can prove that cheating is nothing but our expectations of others that doesn’t work. It may be our selfishness also. If we don’t care what may be the reason that the party dismissed.

It may you also have a story of your in which people think that you cheat them but you don’t. If you have then please share it in comment box. 

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उड़नछू (७)[तेरी गली से.]…

तेरी यादों में आज भी उतना ही नशा है

फर्क सिर्फ इतना है कि अब तू सामने नहीं है

तुझसे मिलने का मजा तो आज भी है

फर्क सिर्फ इतना है कि,

मुलाकात अब बस ख्वाबों में होती है

वो प्यारी फूलों की बगिया,

आज भी बहुत खूबसूरत है,

बस फर्क सिर्फ इतना है कि,

उसमें अब वो तेरी वाली खुसबू नहीं

वो कुल्हड़ की चाय जो हम अक्सर पिया करते थे

फर्क सिर्फ इतना है कि ,

अब तेरे बिन उसमें वो मजा नहीं है

वो जो चाय वाले से बोला करते थे

चाय में शक्कर ज्यादा है

तेरे जाने के बाद पता चला कि

वो तो चाय की चुस्की के साथ तेरी मुस्कान थी

जिससे चाय अक्सर और मीठी हो जाया करती थी

जो तू नहीं है तो वो भी फीकी लगती है

पर शायद जो है ठीक ही है ना,

अक्सर तू ही बोला करती थी

कि ज्यादा शक्कर से शुगर वाली बिमारी होती है

इक दिन गुजरे थे तेरी गली से,

देखा तुझे मुस्कुराते हुए

फर्क सिर्फ इतना ही है कि

अब तेरी मुस्कान में पहले जैसी झलक नहीं है

पर अच्छा लगा देखकर तुझे,

 कि तू आज भी मुस्कुराती तो है…..




What does human being need????

What does human being need? We do not know, A hundred years ago people did not know that one of the most important human needs was protection against disease- causing germs. There are probably needs as important as this which we do not yet know, but people will know a hundred years hence. We can still make a list, even if we are sure that something important might have been left out. First on our list will be the most urgent needs without which anyone would soon die. And later on we shall list some of the things we need if we are to be happy and things which will be useful (for example learning to communicate in English effectively) though we do not need them for life or even for health.

          When I made a list, I soon found out that most of our needs are quantitative. We must not have too little of various things but we also must not have too much. We need some food, but too much of even the best food makes us sick. We need education if we are to fit into a civilized society, but a boy who was made to read for twelve hours a day might not fit in very well. Different people have different needs according to their age, sex, job and so on. Finally, a lot of what we think we need is needlessly acquired. If we have been accustomed to something, such as chocolates, TV or smartphone, we may get unhappy if it is taken away, but we could have got on all right without them.


मोहब्बत को मोहब्बत से देखो तो,

मोहब्बत हो ही जाता है।

मोहब्बत ने मोहब्बत से मुस्कुराया तो,

ये दिल कम्बख्त मोहब्बत का हो ही जाता है।


Mohabbat ko mohhabat se dekho 

to mohabbat ho hi jata hai 

mohabbat ne mohabbat se muskura diya 

to ye dil kambakht 

mohabbat ka ho hi jata hai


When we see our love with love

We fall in love again and again

If our love give a pretty smile of love,

Our heart be of her again and again.



administration army banner border

Patriotism is easy enough during war. For one thing, people become actively conscious of their country when it is threatened. For another, since everyone or nearly everyone feels it, there is a strong collective emotion following through country. But when the war is over, the country recedes from the consciousness, and it is rarely even at the back of the mind. The questions, “Am I doing any good to the country ?” doesn’t occur to the mind; and even the questions,”Is what I am doing good or bad for the country ?” occurs only rarely. A limited patriotism  is better than none, but it is not enough.

गुफ्तगू (8)…

इस जमाने में इश्क की
इश्क में जमाने की क्या उलफत है

मोहब्बत में जुदाई की

जुदाई में दर्द की क्या बेबसी है

तन्हाई में दिल की धड़कन भी

धड़कती है इतना जोरों से

जैसे कह रही हो जोरों से

तू आ जा मुझे तेरी जरूरत है।

                          – ANKIT VERMA


जिन्दगी की हर दर्द की दवा है तू

ऐ वो लम्हे तू हमसफर हमनवां है मेरी

लम्हें वो जिसमें वो हों

लम्हें वो जिसमें उनका एहसास हो

लम्हें वो जिसमें उनका साथ हो

लम्हें वो जिसमें उनसे मीठी बात हो

लम्हें वो जिसमें उनसे मुलाकात हो

लम्हें वो जिसमें उनसे इजहार हो

लम्हें वो जो हमने साथ गुजारी

लम्हें जिसमें इन सभी लम्हों को याद किया

मेरी हर सांस की महक है तू

मेरी हर धड़कन की धड़क है तू

ऐ सनम तेरी कसम , जीने की बस इक वजह है तू।।

                                     ~ ANKIT VERMA

तेरी तन्हाइयाँ….

तेरी तन्हाइयों में इक नशा सा है
ये नशा भी कुछ अजीब सा है

दिल की धड़कन को बढ़ा देता है

और हय धड़कन पर तेरी यादें

जो बेचैन कर देता है मन को

 तुझे देखने की चाहत

पता नहीं क्यों ऐसा लगता है मुझे

तू है मेरे पास बस यहीं कहीं

आँखें बंद करूं तो तू ही है

आँखें खोलूं तो भी तू ही है

मन में, दिल में, धड़कनों में 

बस तू है तू ही तू है।।

                           ~ ANKIT VERMA

Fall in Love…

मोहब्बत किया है आपसे तो मैं कुछ भी करूंगा

लड़ना पड़े जमाने से तो मैं जमकर के लडुँगा

देना पड़े जान तो मैं यूं हँस कर दे दूंगा

बस एक बात जो आपसे मैं हर बार कहुंगा

I Love You, I Miss You, I Need You.

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Mohabbat jo mai kiya krta tha

Ek thi vo meri chilbili yaar

Khusnuma thi khubsurat bhi

Natkhat thi aur pyari bhi

Kuch bachpana tha jarur usme

Per samajhdar bhi utani hi thi

Tabhi to mujhe unse kuch kuch huaa karta tha

Mai use dil diya krta tha

Use isqe kiya karta tha

Usko yaad kiya krta tha

Uske sath raha karta tha

Per ek mod jo aayi jindagi me

Ki  raste hamare badal gye

Vo kahi dur mai kahi aur

Ab baato ko tarasta hai ye mn

Unhe dekhne ko tadapti hai ye nain

                                        ~ ANKIT VERMA