Everyday something new happens, some new people meet and keep in relationships and some who wander from the ways of relationships get worse. It is very necessary to have understanding between the both to play any relationship, because if  it doesn’t happen then any serious turn can break these relationships. Any crisis can become a crisis for our relationships and once the relationship get cracked, then seldom fill it completely, may be not before dead and when the relationship break, it hurts too much and  there is no medicine for the pain that hurts and it keeps with us whole life.

            Any moment anywhere it comes out with the tear of our eyes and it is true that we can not stop weeping or missing the person whom we were in relationship with.

                                         ~ ANKIT VERMA

Published by ANKIT VERMA

I believe in love and relationship because that's the thing in our life that give us a motivation to do anything. Otherwise there's nothing to do because there's big blank if someone ask question like for what ? For example you got lot of money and there's no one around you then what you do with that answer is what ? Blank. SO relation is must dose'n matter it's positive or negative but it must.


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