Project Go Green

Plant a tree make an video and send us or post it your facebook, youtube & instagram using #ProjectGoGreen#VoteForIndia

There’s lots of reason because of that we cut lots of tree everyday. Some example 19-20 trees for one tun paper and in world 80k to 150k trees daily. We all know that trees are our life, we get oxygen, food, fruit… Except that all, plants absorb temperature of surroundings that reduce globule warming. Plants use Carbon dioxide in photosynthesis and release Oxygen that maintain our environment. Plants protect the earth from erosion. There’s much more about plants.

Here we are starting an initiative to celebrate 1st January 2023 by planting 1 Million new plant. We know it’s a great task. So, we want at least one plant from you. Just plant it and record a video or click an picture and post it your social platform like facebook, instagram or youtube using #ProjectGoGreen#VoteForIndia . Also send a copy to us if possible our social link given below.

Thank You!

Send it to –


Published by ANKIT VERMA

I believe in love and relationship because that's the thing in our life that give us a motivation to do anything. Otherwise there's nothing to do because there's big blank if someone ask question like for what ? For example you got lot of money and there's no one around you then what you do with that answer is what ? Blank. SO relation is must dose'n matter it's positive or negative but it must.

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